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Turn Left, Greeks Bearing Gifts
Title: Turn Left, Greeks Bearing Gifts
Author: turnleft_tw for the Turn Left, Torchwood Project
Rating: PG-13
Notes: A retelling of Torchwood Series 1, Episode 7 where different decisions are made. Part of the turnleft_tw Challenge.
Reminder: Project participants, don't leave any telling information in comments.

Previously: Countrycide

'Finally out of the bloody station!' Gwen Cooper grumbled to herself as she helped maintain the perimeter at the construction site. The scene of the crime unit was pulling out of the marquee and she stepped past them with a nod and a smile. There were gawkers collecting opposite the car she arrived in alone. Her new partner hadn't bothered to show up on time, probably not wanting to be stuck with the nutter as she'd heard people quietly say behind her back. Andy had got himself suspended on her behalf, so she wasn't going to do anything that would reflect poorly on him. She was doing her job, letting the crap roll off her back, and resolutely not thinking about Torchwood.

"Come on now, nothing to see. Oi, I saw that!" Gwen startled at the female voice barking behind her at the crowd she was just about to disperse. Gwen turned and looked for the source and found another constable, this one with a short blond bob and a bit of mischief in her eyes. "Sorry I'm late; had a bit of trouble with the desk Sergeant- thought the new rotations didn't start until tomorrow." The woman smiled with far too many teeth.

Gwen shrugged slightly, "No problem. My name's Gwen- Gwen Cooper. I haven't seen you at our station before?" It was true, the Cardiff main station was large, but it was unlikely that she wouldn't have run into another female beat constable."

"Oh, just transferred to Cardiff from Newport. Only been here a couple of weeks." She held out her hand, "I'm Mary."

Jack grumbled as he peered at the strange item unearthed at the construction site, "Just once I'd like to walk into one of these tents and find a party- you know, drinks and dancing?"

Tosh ignored him and continued to scan the object found next to a long dead human, "This is alien, I'm detecting peroxine and even a bit of dark matter. No idea what it is though, Jack?"

"Who knows? Could be a weapon, or a really big stapler." Jack studied the skeleton that Owen was studying, "How's our friend there?"

"She's dead." He snapped.

Tosh rolled her eyes and Jack groaned, "Yeah, thank Quincy." Owen smirked and gave Tosh a wink. "She?" Jack asked.

Owen looked closer, "Well, judging by the size of her skull at least." He looked over to Tosh, "How long she been here?"

Tosh changed the settings on her scanner and read the information, "Judging from the depth, hundred and ninety-seven years. The earth's been too disturbed so I can't be any more accurate." She looked at the skeleton, "Think this thing killed her?"

Owen sat back from the body, "Nah. Look at the ribs, I reckon she was shot."

Jack pushed himself up, "Well, let's get her back to the Hub and find out. I'll have Ianto..." Jack stuttered.

"I'll have SOCO collect the remains and I'll put the device in the SUV." Tosh quickly spoke and gave Jack a slight smile. He deflated slightly, but gave her a nod and headed out of the marquee. Owen was climbing up the ladder, leaving the remains and Tosh gave him a hand and tugged. "Wow, you're so light."

Owen grimaced, "I'm not light. I'm wiry. Girls go mad for it- don't they?" He offered Tosh an evil smirk which caused her to snort. He walked over to the alien device, "Let's get this in the SUV before setting the SOCO yobs loose, yeah?" Tosh gave him a nod and reached for the device, brushing against Owen in the process.

Jack waited patiently, at least for Jack Harkness, in his office with a folder in front of him. He was pretending to read it's contents, but it was already committed to memory and was mostly just a prop. He heard the rhythmic thump coming from the back staircase to his office and sat up, quickly signing the bottom of the form and closing the folder. Ianto Jones, dressed immaculately as ever, but still bearing visible reminders of their visit to Brecon Beacons, slowly arrived at Jack's desk with a serving tray in one hand and a cane in the other. Jack smiled up at him, "Ianto! You read my mind." He quickly took the tray from Ianto and sat it down, using it as an excuse to grab his own coffee mug. Ianto offered a polite tilt of his head, but not very far.

"Is there anything I need to retrieve from the SUV, Sir?" Ianto schooled his face to neutrality even as he tried not to grimace at the pain of standing still. The fractured vertebrae continued to cause shooting pains down his spine and legs if he remained stationary, and his balance was questionable at best considering the skull fracture.

Jack studied Ianto, noting the tremors in his legs and the perspiration forming on his brow. "No, we already brought the remains in- Owen is studying those. Would you like to help me with the device found alongside?" Jack arose from his desk and stepped next to Ianto, "You can sit down for a while and take scans and readings for me." Jack offered him a small smile and Ianto visibly gave in without speaking. He turned carefully towards Jack's office door and soon felt a warm hand on his hip, lifting slightly.

"Thanks." Ianto said quietly.

After work, Gwen sat sipping her glass of wine and laughed as Mary continued her story. "So, the guy had been staring at me for nearly an hour and I told him he was wasting his time, but he wouldn't listen."

Gwen sat her glass down, "What did you do?"

Mary smiled, "I went up to some bird sitting at the bar and chatted her up, then gave her a huge snog." She laughed out loud, "He ran for the door- after he stopped drooling." She threw her head back laughing and Gwen joined in. "Of course, going into the squad room the next day only to find him standing there as our new DCI did make things a big awkward, so." She looked around the room and put her arms out, "Here I am, in lovely Cardiff. Home to birds from the Valleys in boob tubes, lads that know more about the Blues than they do about lacing their shoes and Torchwood."

Gwen's glass slipped out of her hand and fell to the tiled floor, shattering into pieces as she hyperventilated for a moment. "I... I don't know what you're talking about."

"Come on Gwen, you know who they are- you've met them. You've suffered because of them, right?" Mary leaned forward, "It's okay. I've been where you are- they did it to me in London after the terrorist attacks at Canary Wharf." Mary reached for her purse and removed a small jewelry box. "Their operation in London was huge, the entire One Canada Square building and it was on my patrol." She stroked the small velvet box, "There wasn't a terrorist attack, it was them- Torchwood- and their aliens. I found this," she pushed the box towards Gwen, "in the rubble, but they must have seen me because the next thing I know I'm in Bedlam under observation for post traumatic stress and they've tipped my flat looking for what I nicked." Mary took a sip of her drink while Gwen's eyes grew even wider. "But I hid it, and when they let me out I got it back. Since then, they've been moving me further and further from London but they messed up this time. They dropped me right on top of Torchwood Cardiff and you know don't you." Mary's words weren't a question, they were a statement.

Gwen grasped the edge of the table as shudders passed through her. The fear of being sectioned, the strange malaise from the Torchwood drugs, the silver woman haunting her nightmares that put her in Providence Park for weeks. Then those monsters she saw in the woods. All of it Torchwood's doing, trying to drive her insane- just like they'd tried with Mary. Gwen wetted her lips and whispered, "Yes."

"Open it. It's my secret weapon against Torchwood. We can out them with this, make them admit what they've done to us if we get inside their base." Mary stared intently at Gwen as she slowly opened the box and lift the pendant from the box.

"It's a pendant." Gwen said, non-plussed.

Mary smiled, "Put it on." Gwen shrugged and slipped the necklace around her neck and then gasped as she pushed back into the chair.

A man walking in front of her, "I'll drink one more, then just drive slowly."

"If he tugs his groin one more time I'm going to smack him in the face,"
came from a woman speaking to a man at the bar.

The bartender is mixing a drink, "I should have said it was Hammer Time when she asked the time earlier. That would have made them all laugh."

Gwen felt like her head would explode from all of the chattering filling it, "Oh God, I can hear them- all of them."

"They're people's thoughts." Mary said calmly.

I really wished I'd shagged that single dad I'd met at the parent's evening." Came from a woman ignoring her friends.

A man on his cellphone is staring at Gwen, "What's that bird doing? Is she having a fit or something?"

Gwen shuddered, "They're so loud."

"She's cute though. Is that her girlfriend? Wonder what it would be like with two lesbians? Does one of them sort of..."

"Gwen? I need you to focus on me." Mary spoke calmly while Gwen struggled with the cacophony. "Shut everything else out. Just me. No one else but me." Mary stopped speaking.

"Can you hear me now? Home in on me, just my thoughts." Gwen began breathing deeply and the other sounds faded into the background. "It takes practice, but you have to learn. If you want to beat them, you have to do this." Mary paused while Gwen focused her attention solely on Mary. "What am I thinking?" Mary leaned back as Gwen's mind centered on her.

Gwen gasped, "It's so hard."

"I want to kiss you."

Gwen jumped back and tugged the pendant off while Mary's eyes grew wide and she quickly began back peddling, "I'm sorry. That... That was... Sometimes you can't control."

"I know. I just. I have a boyfriend and..." Gwen stammered, then looked at the pendant where it lay on the table. "How does it work?"

"Who knows? But it levels the pitch between man and God. We can use it to gather all of the information we need to get into Torchwood and smoke them out." Mary leaned forward.

Gwen picked the pendant back up, "Is it alien?"

"I guess. Torchwood's motto was if it's alien it's ours." Mary sat back, "But for now, you need to keep it. Learn to use it and then we can get them."

Owen tossed his gloves away in disgust, "What could make a hole like that? A wooden stake?" He mumbled as he left the autopsy bay. Jack was in the armory, trying to make heads or tails of the alien stapler while Tosh sat quietly at her computer spinning a biro in one hand. Owen sat down for a moment, looking at Tosh with an evil smirk, "Can I interest you in a quick trip down to the vaults for an anatomy lesson?"

The pen quickly flipped onto the floor and she looked at Owen, "What?"

He jumped up and slid behind her, "Come on, I bet you can still smell me on your jacket."

"Owen, I couldn't even do it in front of my first boyfriend's Golden Retriever and you want me to," she waved a hand about, "in front of a Weevil?" Owen's hand started to slide down her side and she leaned back in her chair. The sudden thud of Ianto's cane had her startling and pushing Owen back. "Hi Ianto. How are you?"

Ianto looked between Owen and Tosh, noticing her flustered appearance and Owen's very obvious erection in the surgical scrubs. "I'm just going to brew some of Jack's industrial coffee, would you like some?"

Tosh offered a cordial smile, "No thank you. We're..."

"Just heading out for a late lunch. Give us a shout if anything interesting happens." Owen fairly shouted as he noticed the tenting in his scrubs and headed for the lockers and his denims.

Ianto smiled at Tosh, "I'll let Jack know you are both... Indisposed."

Tosh couldn't help but blush at Ianto's knowing smile as she slipped her purse over her shoulder. She reached out and rest a hand on Ianto's arm. "How are you doing, really?" Ianto shifted uncomfortably, he'd remained stationary for too long and the tremors were beginning. Owen chose that moment to reappear and quickly hit the access button for the blast door.

"Coming Tosh?" He positively leered. She dropped her hand from Ianto and gave him a slight tilt of her head before turning and following Owen out the door.

Once it slid shut, Ianto let out a gasp and fell into the vacated chair, breathing rapidly but not deep enough to aggravate his cracked ribs. He was just about to start feeling incredibly sorry for himself when hands suddenly fell on his shoulders. "You need to rest, Ianto." Jack said quietly.

Ianto tried to push himself up out of the chair, but the weight of Jack's hands held him in place, "I have too much work to do around here."

Jack stepped around and kneeled, placing his hands firmly on Ianto's thighs, "You are supposed to be on bed rest for another week and then light duties for two weeks after that. I only agreed to you working since you would have gone mental sitting in your flat. But you need to take it easy." Ianto deflated slightly and refused to make eye contact. "So, where are Owen and Tosh?" Jack tried to pull him out of the maudlin state he was sinking into.

"Probably shagging by now." Ianto answered flatly, "Don't expect them back today."

Jack stood back up and offered a hand, "Well, then I suppose you can take a break on the couch and then head upstairs for a couple of hours to offer wayward tourists fine information about scenic tours of Splott." He grinned as Ianto snorted, but still took the offered hand and rose from the chair.

"I did that once, and they deserved it." Ianto groused as they made their way to the couch and Ianto sank onto it willingly while Jack helped him shift so he could stretch out. "You're just mad that they came back to complain and you happened to be upstairs." Ianto let his head rest on the couch arm and he was nearly asleep before closing his eyes.

Jack waited a moment, then pushed his fingers through Ianto's hair and just watched him sleep for a time before turning back to the armory and the artifact.

"Do you feel lucky punk? Well, do you?" That was the admin officer as he looked at his own reflection in the water cooler.

"I wonder if Victoria's Secret makes ballistic vests? Is it too much to ask for a bit of lift with my stab protection?" Yvonne from traffic monitoring shifted her safety vest awkwardly.

Gwen couldn't stop herself and the milky tea she'd been sipping came flying out of her mouth and nose as she tried desperately not to laugh out loud. She quickly covered her face at the startled look from Yvonne and waved, "Sorry. Just started to sneeze at the same time I took a sip. You'd think I'd know better, eh?"

Yvonne offered a half smile while walking away, "Poor lamb, completely round the twist."

After half a day of wearing the pendant, Gwen had figured out how to keep most of the voices at bay, focusing on who or what she wanted to hear. She'd even acquitted herself nicely in a briefing when she overheard the thoughts of someone else who had a possible answer to the problem. Since the person never spoke up, she did and the detective in charge seemed both shocked (that the nutter would come up with an answer) and pleased that his time hadn't been completely wasted giving the briefing. Gwen was pleased with herself and wanted to tell Mary how well it was going, but the new PC was nowhere to be found. Gwen figured she must be out on a ride-along learning the beat; she'd done that as a new hire and transfers must as well. Gwen frowned for a moment, 'Odd that they didn't have me do it if I'm her partner for this rotation.' A quick glance at the clock and Gwen headed out for her lunch break, hungrier than usual and wanting to test her new skills.

The cafe was a popular one on Mermaid Quay, a steady stream of people coming in and out allowed for personal conversations that wouldn't be heard over the general din. Owen was shoving food into his mouth rapidly; wanting to be done quickly so he could voice some concerns to Tosh who picked at her salad. "I admit it, I may have been wrong in my first appraisal of the corpse." There, here said it.

Tosh carefully placed her fork on her plate. "May? Owen, you thought it was a woman- was it?"

"Err, no. Young man, probably eighteen to twenty-two." Owen mumbled.

Tosh continued, "And the chest wound, you thought it was a GSW? Was it?" She took another bite of her salad.

Owen looked at his empty plate and wished there was something he could shove in his mouth, "No." Owen shuddered slightly, he'd seen wounds just like the skeleton during his first shift working A & E, a first year and faced with a girl that had her heart ripped out of her chest. Why they brought the body to Emergency instead of directly to the morgue he'd never understood; but the image was permenantly tattooed in his brain. "Someone literally ripped his heart from his chest- and it's not the first time I've seen that."

Tosh frowned at her salad, the taste no longer interesting as Owen ran a finger over the sweat on his glass. "I always wondered- why Cardiff? I mean, you seem to hate it here." She bit her lip, maybe that was too personal.

Owen shrugged, "They accepted me and it was as far from London as I could get and still be in a decent program."

Tosh watched his fingers run along the glass again, "Oh."

The Torchwood agents were so intent on each other and their own thoughts they didn't notice PC Gwen Cooper sitting several tables over in direct line of sight. Nor did they note how she was staring at them so intently that she hardly took note of the blond woman that sat down across from her.

"So, have the codes we need to get inside?" Mary smiled as Gwen jumped slightly in her chair. "What? Those two are Torchwood, you recognized them and were listening in." Mary reached across the table and stole a chip from Gwen's plate. "I'm impressed, it took me ages to focus my attention enough to do what you're doing in less than a day." She leaned back and looked closer at the Torchwood agents, "Of course, I doubt they're thinking much about work right now."

Gwen turned her attention back to the table and clearly got the meaning. The man's hand was now sliding up the woman's leg under the table and his thought's came blasting.

"I wonder if she'll let me shag her in my car again. Damn, should have worn different trousers. Do I have any gum?"

"Is three times an arrangement or? Stop it Tosh, don't fall for him- it's Owen, he's a prat. Just enjoy what you can get."

They both startled, as did Gwen, when their phones rang. Tosh had hers out first and was reading. "Jack says things are quiet and we don't need to come back today. He wants Ianto to rest and he won't if we're making a mess." She blushed at the possible meaning there, "So. I guess I'll go home then." She was digging in her purse, searching for keys, money- anything that allowed her to avoid looking at Owen.

"Yeah, I should probably head back and give Ianto a final check before heading home. You know how thick he is. Probably undoing all the work me and the other doctors did by scrubbing out cells or playing frisbee with the flying rat." Owen attempted to sound annoyed, but Tosh already knew it was just his hedgehog defence- being prickly so people don't see how worried he really was. "Unless, well. Maybe we could go see a movie, seeing as we've got the afternoon free?" Owen spoke quickly and refused to make eye contact.

Tosh smiled and stopped digging in her purse, "Yeah. Let's do that."

Gwen sat back in her chair and watched the Torchwood agents leave, "One of their co-workers is injured; but he's working against medical advice."

"Well, that's our way in- if he's injured he won't be thinking clearly." Mary smiled and stood up, "Come on- this is our chance."

Ianto was stuffing fliers for Castle Coch into a display stand when the bell chimed announcing that someone was entering the tourist office. Without turning he spoke brightly, "I'll be with you in just a moment." He made sure the display was level and turned around, quickly affixing his 'helpful tourist office assistant' persona in place and froze. "Oh. Can, I be of assistance?" He looked at the two women dressed in police constable uniforms warily. The blond was unknown, but the dark haired one.

"Does that woman ever give up!"

Gwen nearly stepped back at the vehemence of the thought as it blasted her. Every time before this, the thoughts had bounced around and echoed, but this man's attention was so focused it nearly had her vomiting on the spot. Mary, however, offered a feral smile. "We're sorry to bother you, but there's been a series of break ins on the Quay and we're just wondering if you might have seen anything?"

Ianto looked at the woman carefully, something didn't feel right. "No, sorry. Not much to steal from a tourist office now is there?" "And it's not as if we're in here much anyway, considering the big secret hideaway downstairs."

Gwen had to cover her mouth so she didn't react to the distinctly flippant way the young man's thoughts sounded. She almost had a word out in reply when Mary continued. "Are you sure? Is there anyone else that works in this office that might have seen anything?"

"This isn't exactly a large office as you can see." Ianto's voice was pleasant, but his thoughts were biting, "And it's not as if any of the others come up here. Tosh and Owen off banging away like rabbits while Jack goes and stands on some roof."

Gwen could hardly believe at how the young man could be so outwardly cordial when his thoughts were positively cutting. Then she noticed the bruises that were turning yellow and the cane hanging on the table edge. "Do you mind if we look around for a moment? Do you have an video camera here that might have caught something?" She didn't wait for an answer and slowly walked towards the opposite side of the tourist counter. A large red button was prominent on the lower front edge and she stared at it. "What's this here?"

"Alarm button. Bit obvious, but someone thought it should be." "Because drunks like Owen need a big target when flailing their hands to open the secret door." Ianto's scathing mental commentary was far more amusing than his polished demeanor.

Mary smiled at Gwen, who nodded and pressed the large button. Ianto turned quickly as the door slid open, but before he could speak Mary suddenly had a knife pressed to his throat and his arm twisted behind him. "Don't even think about it, Torchwood. We're getting inside."

Jack was looking out over Cardiff Bay from the Millennium Centre roof, one of his favorite scenic points. He'd figured out the teleport device that they'd been referring to as an alien stapler and couldn't wait to access the control codes which might be enough to fix his own vortex manipulator. He was pretty sure he'd accidently reset it's target coordinates to the centre of the sun, but that wasn't important. It wasn't as if he planned to actually use the thing, but he did need to put a warning notice on the object since it also appeared to be on auto activation.

"Mary? What, are you doing?" Gwen was shaken by her partner's actions, especially as she continued to press the knife into the young man's throat as they watched the large cog roll back. She looked into the giant area and flashes of recognition came to her. A dark woman in silver, knives and a saw coming towards her. "Oh God!" Gwen's hand flew to her mouth and she backed into a wall and gasped. "I've been here before!"

"And if you don't keep coming here we'll have to give you so much Retcon that you'll need a drool bib!"

"You hear that, Gwen? They've been dosing you- making you think you're crazy." Mary's voice was dark and thick.

Ianto stiffened, "What? I didn't..." "Damn. Mind readers.

After that, Gwen's head was full of static, like someone had turned the radio volume to maximum on dead air. She foolishly clasped her hands to her ears, but the static didn't stop until she looked away from the young man that was frowning at her. Mary couldn't help but laugh, "Oh, our Torchwood friend here has some training! Pity he didn't remember it sooner or I wouldn't know that my transporter was right there!" Mary pushed him into the small room where the device sat on a light table. "Nearly two hundred years stuck on this barbaric planet- now I can finally go home and reclaim my rightful place!"

Ianto felt the change happening even before he saw the light shining around him. But the glass reflected the shimmering body floating behind him. Gwen's reaction was less contained, "Oh my God! What are you?"

Mary's voice echoed in their minds, "A prisoner- sent into exile, stuck on this miserable rock with you primitive creatures." Her long fingers played over Ianto's throat as the knife was held in a slightly more awkward position, "But maybe I'll have a little snack before my journey." Her hand started to slide down Ianto's chest.

It was like a dam bursting, all of Ianto's tightly held emotions exploded from him and left Gwen reeling from the images that flooded her mind. The outburst must have surprised Mary as well, as she lost her grip on him and he threw himself out of the exam room, slapping the emergency lock as he fell to the ground gasping.

Mary floated towards the door, "Oh well, no snack then. I'll just have to feed when I arrive. There are always soothsayers wandering about." She reached for the device and shuddered as it activated instantly. "What have you done?" She tried to let go of the device, but once activated, she couldn't- that's when she saw the coordinates. Her final scream of 'No!' echoed in Gwen's head as Mary and the device were swallowed in a bright light and passed through the ceiling.

Ianto pushed himself up so he was sitting against the glass wall and glared at the wide eyed woman still clinging to a desk. He dug his mobile out of his pocket and quickly sent a text to the team before spitting, "I hope you don't mind nappies PC Cooper, because I doubt you'll remember toilet training after tonight!"

Tosh quietly worked at her computer, occasionally looking up to the conference room where PC Cooper sat fretfully and then to the sofa where Ianto was asleep. The door to Jack's office was closed, but it did little to muffle the shouting match he and Owen were currently having. She turned her attention back to the terminals after Ianto let out a small groan, but he had only shifted in his sleep.

"You had no right to knock him out! I still had questions that I needed answered!" Jack growled as his fingers dug into the edge of his desk.

Owen didn't flinch and shot back, "I had every right, I'm the bloody Doctor in this place and he was so far gone I doubt he could have told you his on blasted name!" Owen wasn't exaggerating. By the time the team had returned to the Hub, Ianto had the internal video queued for them to watch, some hastily scribbled notes Mindreaders!, and one Cardiff police constable locked in the conference room. "If the idiot wouldn't rest, then I had a duty to make him. Christ Jack, didn't you see? He was soaked in a cold sweat and his hands were shaking- he was exhausted!" He glared at Jack, who was too busy looking out of his office to where Ianto slept on the sofa. "Why was he here alone? If you needed to go on a call, you should have let me or Tosh know- we would have come back in." Owen's last words were less angry and more worried. When they'd arrived, Ianto was still trying to act as if nothing was wrong; but there was no hiding the tremors in his hands and his already awkward step was more like a marionette bouncing on its strings. Owen had enough when he saw the young man try to make coffee- that was when the sedative came out.

Jack felt like he'd been punched in the gut, "I. It wasn't a call- I just went out for some air. He was in the tourist office, I would've been back in half an hour." His eyes slid back to the unconscious young man. The video had been horrible to watch, Ianto being held at knife point and still too injured to fight back. The alien had wanted the transporter to go home, 'boy, was she in for a surprise!' Jack sneered at that. In a final push, Ianto had freed himself and locked the alien with the transporter, so at least he was alive. But there was still the matter of the other intruder. The intruder who had now entered Torchwood twice, shown up during at least two (and Jack thought maybe three) missions, and worst of all, fought retcon in low doses. The report he'd found on his desk with a Torchwood One banner had been a surprise- he'd never cared about long term affects. So, Jack really only had two choices for the perpetual thorn in their side.

Owen knew where Jack's mind had wandered, "Just get it over with so we can go home." He jumped up from his chair and marched out of the office, grabbed Tosh and headed for the exit.

Tosh barely had a moment to yell, "All of her records are covered. Jack? Please make sure Ianto is okay." Nothing else could be heard over the sirens and cog as it slid shut.

Gwen didn't know what to do with her hands. First she had them clenched together on the conference table, then in her lap, then running through her hair. They were the only part of her allowed to burn up the nervous energy she felt. She'd been so stupid to let that young man trick her into this room. After Mary, well, vanished, he'd dragged himself upright and she'd offered an arm in way of apology. She'd helped him up here and then he simply pushed her through the door and slammed it shut, hitting a few buttons on a keypad. There was no mistaking the dull thud of locks engaging as she gaped and he dully turned around and hobbled down to the lower level. He'd been slowly moving around the area, when the others poured in and suddenly he was drugged and the others were shooting daggers at her where she stood. She had been stuck in this room for nearly two hours now as the woman worked at a computer.

Gwen tensed as the alarms rang out and she watched the man and woman leave, not missing the woman's parting words. 'Oh God, I'm going to die, they're going to kill me and no one will ever know!' She finally had enough and got up from the table and started pounding on the glass wall, "You can't do this! People will notice! I'm an officer of the law!" She nearly jumped out of her skin when the door behind her opened and the man in the long coat came in and sat at the table. She pressed her back to the glass, "Let me go! It's not my fault." She clutched at the pendant trying to read his thoughts, but there wasn't anything there- just dead space.

"That won't work on me. I have a bit more practice than you." Jack spoke calmly, "Now, if you wouldn't mind taking a seat?" He continued to sit, waiting for the slightly hysterical woman to follow. He watched her eyes dart to the doors and he smiled, "I'm afraid the doors are locked, so you might as well sit."

Defeated, Gwen dropped into the chair, "You won't get away with it- people will notice if I'm gone!"

"Really? Because according to our tracers, you've been missing from duty for going on six hours and no one has said a word. Apparently your co-workers and superiors think you might have snapped." Jack was being so calm and sweet he might need insulin. "So why don't you settle down and we can get this over with."

Gwen snapped and jumped up, "Over with? Over with! You're going to kill me or use that drug on me again and I'll be shoved into some care facility for the rest of my life! Over with!" She wanted to scratch his eyeballs out and then throw herself against the glass until it broke- anything was better than just giving up.

Jack sighed, "Can you put away the hysterics for a few minutes, please?" She glared at him, but dropped into a chair. "Thank you. So, you need to empty your locker tonight, then be here bright and early Monday morning. Don't wear anything that can't get dirty- or is flammable."

Gwen sat there processing, "What?"

"Be here at eight, that will give us time to have a desk set up and expect to be signing loads of papers." Jack answered calmly.

"But, you're going to kill me?" Gwen blubbered.

Jack smirked, "Oh, most likely in the long run; but not today. Welcome to Torchwood, home of social misfits and people who know too damn much to be left in the public."

Coming Up Next: They Keep Killing Suzie

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I didn't expect that! It was very interesting and enjoyable to read and does make more sense in many places than the canon episode. And I agree with Jack that the best way to deal with Gwen now is to keep her right in front of their eyes.

Two minor quibbles:
1)"The outburst must of surprised Mary ... " I suppose you meant "The outburst must HAVE surprised Mary ..."
2) Britpick: we don't say 'diapers' in the UK, we say 'nappies'.

Looking forward to the next episode.

Loved this installment!

Oh I really hope Ianto gets better in time for Suzie. This was well done. Loved the twists in this...with Mary getting in through Gwen, with Owen and Tosh obviously having a fling, and the decision to finally bring Gwen in was a smart one...I agree, best way to keep track of her...is to keep her in their sights. Well done.

I would have liked the T2 approach

Doesn't Archie ever get lonely? Send her to Glasglow to help Archie with the documents and she'll be so bored of aliens she'll never talk about it again.

Or she might get good at it. She was seen doing stuff like going on coffee runs and not knowing how to use a gun (constables don't have guns, and ppl who go into that career therefore, might not want guns). She has no specialized skillz like Tosh or Owen, but she loves asking question after question, and she has a good memory. She should have went into filing! All the info you ever wanted and flexible working hours.

I'd buy this a lot better than the canonical structure of the episode... :)

Greeks always unnerved me. The fact that no one noticed Tosh acting strange, and the fact that Jack was such an arse. I like the idea of him 'goofing up' and leaving the stapler in a bad configuration.

It does bring Gwen into the main storyline in a very different light, and that will be very interesting to see.

Well all right then - the whole team is together now. Can't wait to see the dynamics all fresh and new for Suzie!! Love the twist that Mary used Gwen to get in instead of Tosh - quite clever and a LOT more believeable than "canon". :) Just hope Ianto gets better soon!

I am loving this; the entire story and even just the idea. However, this installment, just like some of the others, sounds a little American at times and at other times the British slang sounds a bit forced.

Loved this eps rewrite with Gwen being the gullable one with Mary, makes more sense :)
Poor Ianto, really needs a rest and Jack needs to start taking better care of him or he's going to be completely worn out.
Not sure about Jack letting Gwen into Torchwood after all the problems she's already caused though...

So, Gwen has finally joined Torchwood. Don't know, if I should be happy or sad. But it will be interesting to see, how the others will treat her...

PS: I found the site a few days ago, and just wanted to say, you're fantastic. Gotta love you and your ideas.

bear in mind - each episode is written by a different (anonymous) author!

I know. I'm just bad at commenting, so I just commented at the last current story. The you in the PS is plural and meant for all writers of the project.

interesting take on this ... especially as the Owen/Gwen dynamic was no longer a principle part of the episode ...

good to see that Ianto is still recovering from COuntrycide and that the others are concerned about him and that even injured he is still strong enought to take care of himself ... more or less...

although it may be disappointing in some ways that Gwen is now inside TW, there is the fact that she is now around for TKKS ... which will be interesting now ... will also be interesting to see the interaction she has with Owen and with Jack now they are involved with Tosh and Ianto respectively ...

agree with some comments on being able to spot the non- British authors from the choices made in dialogue etc ...but I am sure I'd make similar errors writing for a US series ...

Yes, I agree this ep was a bit...um...mid-atalantic???
But it's OK as this is an exercise and we need to be magnanimous about it (although if anyone uses "gotten" again I shall not be merciful!!)
No, I'm joking, I liked this a little less than the previous episodes, but I do think that was because, partly, it is attempting to change the direction of the series, and I think Jack's characterisation was a little weak in this.
I actually liked "Greeks" I thought it was poignant and it made me dislike Gwen for the first time (not a Gwen basher, but not a "lover" either)but I do not dislike this rewrite of it.

Really good until the end. Too bad Gwen didn't go to the sun with Mary. Oh well, maybe Suzie will manage to drain Gwen completely in TKKS and we'll finally be rid of her and get Suzie back.

Now this was far more realistic than the original episode.

Though I would question Jack's wisedom in hiring a paranoid woman, who not only tried to break into Torchwood. But also stood right next to an alien, which was attempting to kill his lover, and did nothing.
Apparently she forgot her training as a PC... which may not include aliens, but disarming should be on the list.

Don't know if I am happy, that she joined or just plain annoyed because I looked forward to see the progressing interactions between the others without her.

Aww, now off to wait for the next.

I like the way you finally incorporated Gwen in the group. I think now with the dynamics that have been set up amongst the team and all the grief she's suffered for her meddling, she will be more cognizant of her place on the lower end of the chain of command and hopefully stop giving them all so much sh!t about how then need to be more human(e).

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