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Turn Left, Combat
Title: Turn Left, Combat
Author: cjharknessgirl for the Turn Left, Torchwood Project
Rating: PG-13
Notes: A retelling of Torchwood Series 1, Episode 11 where different decisions are made. Part of the turnleft_tw Challenge.
Reminder: Project participants, don't leave any telling information in comments.

Previously: Out of Time

Jack cursed as he saw a Weevil digging through a rubbish bin. He was supposed to meet Ianto for dinner in under twenty minutes. They were going to talk and he was looking forward to spending the evening with the Welshman. But first he had to deal with the Weevil. He pulled the SUV over, grabbed the spray and clamps from the glove department and dashed out of the vehicle.

He chased the Weevil into an alley that, to his advantage, was a dead end. The Weevil jumped on a stack of pallets and growled at him.

Jack grinned. "Hate to break it to you, but you're not my first." He held up the items he was carrying. "Anti-Weevil spray. Hand-clamps."

The Weevil jumped down and approached him. "Come on, let's make this easy for both of us," he encouraged. "I don't want to be on decaf for a week for not being on time."

The Weevil lunged forward and tried attacking Jack. He grabbed its arms and punched it in the face. Rather than subdue the creature, it angered it more and the Weevil fought back, tossing Jack against a brick wall and slicing open his chest.

Jack let out a cry of pain. "This always happens when I give them the night off," he muttered. He got to his feet unsteadily and chased after the Weevil that had escaped while he was down.

Jack ran right past the diner and saw Ianto waiting at a table outside. He skidded to a stop as Ianto stood quickly and crossed over to him. "Jack, are you alright?" Ianto asked in concern as he saw the torn shirt and slash marks across his chest.

"Flesh wound," Jack assured as Ianto gently cupped his cheek and kissed him softly. He knew the Welshman hated to see him injured and in pain, just like he hated seeing Ianto still in pain from his injuries. "I'm sorry, just wait right here and I'll get the Weevil then we can have the dinner we planned."

"I'll come with you," Ianto offered.

"You're not cleared for field duty," Jack reminded gently and Ianto gave him a dark look.

"I'm not going to break, I'll let you do all the work and just back you up if needed," Ianto suggested. "It's clearly vicious."

Jack sighed, it was pointless to argue. "You have your gun?"

"Always," Ianto answered.

"C'mon then." Jack set off at a jog to where he had last seen the Weevil; he wasn't going to make Ianto run. He checked his wrist strap then steered towards a nearby car park.

They headed up to the third level of the car park. Ianto didn't want to admit it, but the jog and distance they were covering was straining his back and leg. He was going to be in pain all night.

Jack stopped and turned to Ianto seeing his distress. "I'm sorry, Jack," Ianto apologized. "I thought I could…" He ran a hand through his hair. "I hate feeling useless," he growled, hanging his head.

Jack cupped Ianto's chin and tilted it up so Ianto was looking at him. "You are anything but useless." He kissed Ianto's temple. "Stay here and let me handle this – if you agree I might be persuaded to give you a massage later."

Ianto gave Jack a small smile. "That'd be nice," he admitted. He suddenly spotted the Weevil across the park. "The Weevil!"

Jack spun around and started to run towards it. He stopped as he came around a corner and a white van sped up the pavement and came to a screeching halt. The Weevil ran off as the van's back door burst open and three men dressed all in black, with black ski masks, crossed its path. Jack noted that they had cattle prods and were clearly trying to capture the Weevil, though he was clueless as to why.

"Hey!" Jack shouted, running towards them with his gun drawn.

The men drew the Weevil into the van. One of the men stopped and looked at Jack. The man nodded cheekily to him then ran around to the front and jumped in.

Jack broke into a run, and got off a shot hoping to take out a tire. The van turned and sped towards him, he dodged it and fired again as it drove off.

"Jack, are you alright?" Ianto walked slowly over to him.

"I'm fine," Jack panted, trying to catch his breath. "Who the hell were they?!" He demanded.

"No idea," Ianto held up a notebook, "But I got a license plate number."

"Ianto Jones, you are brilliant," Jack grinned. "We need to get back to the Hub and figure this out. We'll call Tosh and Owen in as well."

"So much for a day off," Ianto murmured.

"I was thinking that, too." Jack rested his hand on the small of Ianto's back as they walked to where he had the SUV parked.

Ianto made coffee while they waited for Tosh and Owen. When they arrived, everyone met in Jack's office. Jack took his coffee then offered Ianto his chair as he sat on the edge of the desk. Ianto took the chair and sank down with a grateful sigh to be off his feet.

Owen gave him a sharp look. "You alright, mate?"

"Fine, just pushed myself a bit," Ianto admitted.

"A bit?" Owen questioned. "Please tell me you had the sense not to help Jack with that Weevil."

"I just walked with him while he tracked it, I'm not an invalid," Ianto nearly snapped.

"We know you're not," Tosh said quietly then reached over to squeeze his hand. "We just worry about you."

Ianto smiled at her. "I appreciate the concern, but I am alright," he assured. "Jack made sure I didn't push myself too hard."

"I needed his help anyway; we got a license plate number thanks to Ianto." Jack sipped his coffee, hiding a smile as Ianto gave him a grateful look. "Okay, onto the case. One – since when did other people know about Weevils? Two – have they done this before and if so why didn't we know about it? Three – what do they want with them anyway?" He listed off.

Ianto searched on the desk until he found the report he wanted. Jack, of course, had yet to read it. "Might not be connected, but we've noticed a surge of unusual injuries being reported at the A&E unit," he informed his Captain.

"Chunks taken out of legs and arms, deep wounds to backs and stomachs," Jack read off as he skimmed the report. "So we have a wave of Weevil attacks to add to our problems," he sighed heavily then looked at Owen. "And by the way, that spray we've used on them previously? They're becoming immune to it."

"They're mutating?" Owen questioned.

"Or evolving," Ianto guessed.

"I'll see if I can make a stronger spray," Owen decided as he stood then left the office.

"Tosh, any sign of the one we lost earlier? Ianto started a trace when we got here," Jack told her.

Tosh went over to the computer and pulled up the trace. "It's fake. Two and a half thousand vans of that type registered in the Cardiff area. Widen that to a forty mile radius and the number doubles," she informed.

"So, run a trace on the vehicle," Jack suggested.

"Route via traffic cameras?" Tosh mused. "I'll start processing it now."

Jack nodded. "Good idea." He looked at Ianto. "Let me know if we get another report from the hospital of a Weevil injury, you and I will go check it out and see what we can learn from the victim."

"Yes, sir," Ianto started to stand, tired and sore muscles protesting at the movement.

Jack gently placed a hand on his shoulder. "Ah, did I fail to mention you get to come along only if you rest now?"

Ianto sighed. "Are you bribing me now, sir?"

"Only if it works." Jack stole a quick kiss. "And stop with the ‘sir' you know what that does to me."

Ianto broke into a smile. "Of course I do, sir. I suppose I could sit here and sort through this paperwork so you can actually see your desk."

"I'm going to owe you for that, aren't I?" Jack chuckled as he stood up.

"I'm sure you'll find a way to make it up to me," Ianto said, a hint of suggestion in his voice.

"I already have ideas," Jack replied with a leer. "Work to do first, though."

Since Gwen had hived off with Diane that left no one to clean and look after the guests in the cells. Ianto did as much as he could but Jack decided to get the tasks done before Ianto even got the chance to start them.

As he got to the vault, he heard a howling that sounded almost painful. He ran to the cell to see the Weevil crouched low in the corner.

"Could you make it stop?" Suzie demanded. "It started ten minutes ago."

"If I knew how." Jack studied the creature for a moment then tapped his comm. "Ianto, bring up the feed of the cells and record this."

"What do you think its doing?" Ianto asked after a few minutes.

"I think it's weeping," Jack said sadly as he pressed a hand to the glass.

"Why?" Ianto wondered.

"Owen's been studying this one. He thinks they have a low level of telepathic ability to share emotion across distance," Jack explained. "He'll want to see this."

"I'll send him down," Ianto replied in his ear. "So, you think it might be feeling the pain of another Weevil?"

"Yeah, I kinda hope we're wrong, though," Jack said with a heavy sigh as he listened to the Weevil.

"Because that would mean somebody's not only kidnapping Weevils, they're causing them pain," Ianto said in understanding.

"Bollocks, will you quit yammering away with Ianto already? Just get it to shut up," Suzie snapped at Jack, clearly irritated by the Weevil's cries.

Jack turned and shot her a glare. "Why don't you do the same?"

"You're acknowledging that I exist then?" Suzie huffed.

"I know you're down here, Suzie. I haven't forgotten that for a moment. I just don't know what to do with you," Jack admitted.

"Let me go," Suzie demanded.

"No," Jack turned back to the Weevil as it approached the glass panel and howled louder. "What can you feel?" He whispered. "Janet, what do you know?"

"Janet, sir?" Ianto's lilting voice was filled with amusement.

"Barbara never seemed right," Jack said with a shrug. He watched the Weevil turn around and sit in a corner, howling mournfully.

"Tosh finished her search," Ianto informed him through the comm.

"Be right up."

Jack, Ianto and Owen gathered around Tosh's station. Tosh pulled up the trace. "I've tracked the van's route. It went straight from the car park out to the docks."

"Good work," Jack praised.

"Hold on," Tosh raised her hand as she brought up CCTV of the area. "This was two hours ago."

They watched the van pull up then the feed went to static. "What happened?" Jack questioned.

"It was deliberate wasn't it?" Owen mused.

"I think these guys really don't like to be watched," Tosh agreed.

Jack crossed his arms. "See, and I know it's a character flaw, but that makes me all the more determined to find out what it is they're hiding." He looked at Tosh. "Why don't you come with me and check that place out? Owen watch the Weevils and continue working on that spray. And Ianto –" Jack turned as he realised the Welshman was no longer beside him.

Ianto slowly walked back towards Jack and held out his greatcoat. "Yes, sir?"

Jack grinned as Ianto helped him slip it on. "Get a list of victims still in the hospital, recovering from those injuries. We'll go check them out when Tosh and I come back."

"I'm on it," Ianto said, limping slightly as he headed to his station.

"Ready, Tosh?" Jack held out his arm.

Tosh laughed and nodded as she took it. "Oi, watch it, Captain," Owen growled.

Jack just winked at the medic as they headed out the cog door. Tosh smiled back at Owen before it rolled shut. Owen shook his head and looked over at Ianto. "Why do you put up with him?" He asked then headed towards his autopsy bay to work on the spray.

"For the same reason he puts up with me, I suppose," Ianto murmured, mostly to himself. He knew he and Jack still needed to talk, but was grateful that for the moment things seemed okay between them. He guessed the Captain wasn't going to judge him keeping his family a secret, when he had secrets of his own that he couldn't share. Ianto sighed and then got to work.

Jack drove the Torchwood SUV up the wharf and parked. He and Toshiko grabbed their torches and headed towards the warehouse.

"Looks like we missed them," Tosh said in frustration as they stepped into an empty warehouse.

"Yeah, but if you quit places in a hurry, you tend to be forgetful," Jack pointed out.

"Good point," Tosh agreed.

They began searching the warehouse. "You know what they used these warehouses for during World War Two?" Jack asked. Tosh shook her head. "Storing the bodies of dead GIs." He shuddered at the memory of waking up beside all the dead men.

"Jack?" Tosh said in concern.

Jack stared ahead for a moment then shook his head. "I'm fine. Sometimes, you can know too much history," he muttered.

The door suddenly slammed shut. Jack took out his gun and Tosh did the same. "Come on," Jack motioned ahead.

"There's nothing here," Tosh said, even more frustrated at being led on a wild goose chase.

"So what were they doing here? Why come all this way out?" Jack wondered then spotted something in the doorway.

Jack pointed in front of them, Tosh followed as they headed for the doorway.

"What is it?" Tosh asked.

"Looks human," Jack told her, keeping his gun raised.

"Male," Tosh replied. "Is he alive?"

"Hello? You okay there?" Jack shouted out as they continued towards the doorway. "We're looking for the people who were here last night. If you saw anything, now's a good time to speak up," he urged.

"Jack, he's bleeding!" Tosh exclaimed as they got close enough to see the victim.

They ran together to check on the man on the ground who was lying in a pool of blood. Jack turned him over.

"Oh, my God!" Tosh gasped, hand flying to her mouth at the grotesque disfigurement of the man's face and chest.

"Weevil marks," Jack said simply. "Owen will need to do an autopsy so this guy is coming with us."

Toshiko looked around worriedly. "You don't think it's still here?"

"No. We'd hear it," Jack assured. "Now help me with the body."

Jack holstered his Webley then leaned down to pick the man up when a very irritating ring tone started going off.

"Is that his?" Tosh asked curiously.

Jack gave her a look. "You don't think I'd choose that ring tone?" He scoffed as he searched the man's pockets.

Tosh laughed as Jack found the mobile and checked the caller ID.

"Don't answer it," Tosh implored. "I have a bad feeling about this."

Jack shrugged and answered it anyway. "Hello?"

"I don't know who you are but stay out of what doesn't concern you," a distorted voice warned.

"Who killed this man?" Jack demanded, knowing whoever the caller was had the answer.

"Did you hear what I just said?" the voice questioned.

"I have this selective deafness when I'm talking to cowards or murderers," Jack said flippantly. He stood up and began to pace.

"Don't interfere in things you don't understand," the voice threatened.

"Oh, I understand this better than you," Jack retorted angrily, he did not like being threatened. He decided to give his own warning, because there was no way whoever this was, was going to get away with this. "Because I know how this is going to end. We're going to hunt you down. We're going to ensure that you're punished for what happened here. And we're going to make you surrender that creature that you kidnapped. Is that clear enough?" He spat.

The phone disconnected and Jack cursed then dialed the number to his office phone. "Ianto?" He asked when the Welshman answered. "I need you to trace all calls to and from this number in the last 24 hours," he ordered. "Fast as you can. We're on our way back with a body, let Owen know a man was killed by a Weevil."

Jack stood with Ianto at the railing, looking down at the autopsy bay as Owen examined the body with Tosh's assistance.

Jack opened the man's wallet. "Dan Hodges, date of birth, 21st of January 1979," he read off the ID then searched through the cards and photos. "Salesman for web publishing software."

"And he had a son," Ianto said sadly as he saw a photo of the man's wife and child.

Owen nodded as he examined the wounds. "Right, definitely death by Weevil, but he took a right kicking before the throat was punctured," he informed them. "Weevils go for the kill, straight for the jugular." He pointed to the man's face. "Look at his face - black eye, bruises to the cheekbones. Same across the back and the ribs." He turned the body and showed the bruises.

"Could he have been tortured?" Tosh questioned.

"Maybe. But I reckon these wounds were inflicted by humans," Owen told her. He crossed his arms and stared at the body, trying to work out the puzzle. "But why smack somebody about and then set the Weevil on them? Why not get the Weevil to do all the work for you?" he wondered.

"Good question." Jack looked over at Ianto. "Any joy with the phone records?"

"The last incoming number was blocked," Ianto replied. "The phone's call history has been erased."

"God, they move fast," Tosh said, not pleased that whoever did this was currently one step ahead of them.

Jack nodded in agreement. "You ask me, these guys are using Weevils to carry out the perfect murder. No fingerprints, no traces of recognizable DNA," he reasoned.

"A quick, guaranteed death. Nothing to connect anyone to the murder," Ianto agreed thoughtfully.

"Right. Should be a piece of piss to find the killer, then," Owen snarked.

"Alright, I'll get a PC to inform the guy's family that he has died. Tosh create a cover story and then Owen can hand him over," Jack decided. "Owen dig into this guy's life and see if you can find anything relevant. Ianto, any new reports from the hospital?"

"Actually, yes," Ianto answered. "I've found another set of suspicious injuries at the hospital. They sound
pretty bad. I managed to get the victim's name and you won't believe who it is."

Jack raised an eyebrow. "Who is it?"

"Rhys Williams," Ianto told him, when Jack didn't make the connection he supplied, "He was Gwen's boyfriend."

Jack's eyes widened. "Right then, we need to pay him a visit. Ready to go?" He asked and Ianto went to get their coats.

"Bollocks," Owen swore. "What could he be doing in this mess?"

"As if we need more trouble," Tosh sighed.

"Let's just hope he can help us solve this mystery," Jack said, following after Ianto.

Jack played the Torchwood card and got them in to see Rhys. He instructed Ianto to follow his lead as they entered the hospital room.

"I've already made my statement to the police," Rhys said simply as Jack grabbed his chart and passed it to Ianto.

"We're not the police. I'm Captain Jack Harkness and this is Ianto Jones," Jack introduced. "We're Torchwood."

"Gwen's Torchwood? Is she alright?" Rhys asked in genuine concern.

"I'm afraid Gwen has done a runner, she disappeared with someone and we haven't seen her since," Jack admitted.

"She ran off with that bird didn't she?" Rhys said angrily. "All these years together thinking she loved me and she cheats on me after I stuck by her side." He looked out the nearby window. "Well, good riddance, I'm glad I left her before she ran," he huffed unconvincingly. "Did you come all the way here to tell me that?"

"No," Ianto answered. "We're here to see you."

"According to your chart, you nearly had your heart torn from your ribcage," Jack read as he took the chart from Ianto.

"Sounds like a serious injury," Ianto mused.

Jack nodded. "Ten-hour operation to repair chest wounds."

"Why should I talk to you?" Rhys demanded.

Jack stepped over to the side of the bed and looked at Rhys. "Let me tell you what did this to you. Six feet high, teeth like a shark, rippled skin and the rage of a wild animal," he described and saw Rhys' eyes widen in fear. "Am I close?"

"I was mugged. There was three of them, they had knives," Rhys lied, the stammer in his voice giving him away.

"So why were your wounds described by paramedics as bite marks?" Ianto questioned.

"Look, I can't help it if they got mixed up," Rhys said defensively. "They're overworked."

"There are lots of ways I can get you to talk, but the easiest would be if you consider the consequences should you not tell me the truth," Jack warned. "And that is, this creature will attack again. Somebody will die. And it will be on your conscience."

Rhys sighed heavily. "I can't tell you," he said softly. "They'd kill me."

"Who'd kill you?" Ianto asked as he sat beside Rhys.

"Everyone," Rhys answered vaguely.

"Rhys, that creature is an alien," Jack admitted.

"An alien? Now you're talking crazy," Rhys huffed. "They don't exist."

"If you want evidence of aliens, how about that great spaceship hovering over London on Christmas Day? The creature that attacked you? The strange things that happen in Cardiff all the time," Jack listed off. He was going to mention Canary Wharf as well, but didn't want it brought up with Ianto in the room.

"They put drugs in the water supplies – psychotropic drugs, causing mass hallucinations and stuff," Rhys argued. "And that creature was an experiment gone wrong."

Jack laughed. "You can't honestly believe that," he scoffed.

"Rhys, Jack is telling the truth," Ianto insisted. "There is a Rift in space and time that runs right through Cardiff. We scavenge stuff that falls through and deal with aliens as well," he explained. "Creatures, time-shifts, space junk, debris, flotsam and jetsam, you name it, we've dealt with it."

"And the creature?" Rhys asked in awe.

"It just slipped through the Rift," Jack replied. "It's a Weevil, it's dangerous, deadly and whatever sick game is going on needs to stop now!" He nearly shouted.

"We can protect you, Rhys," Ianto assured. "Someone with a family has already died. Help us," he implored.

"I…" Rhys looked down at his hands.

Jack flipped open his wrist strap and pressed a button. "Go on, Rhys, the room is soundproof."

Rhys looked unconvinced. Ianto hid a blush, as he remembered the times he and Jack had used it. "Trust me, he's telling the truth," he assured Rhys.

Jack winked at Ianto before sitting on the edge of the bed. "Don't make this hard on yourself, Rhys," he warned.

"There's a fight club," Rhys confessed. "A guy, Mark Lynch, he runs it. He and his mates get a creature – a Weevil you said – from wherever and then we all meet up at an empty real estate lot. A cage is built and whoever wants a go gets a minute in a cage with it. Some guys bet and whoever lasts the longest gets the pot."

Ianto stared at Rhys in horror. "You got into a cage with a Weevil? Why?"

"I… I was hurt and angry," Rhys confessed voice nearly cracking. "I felt like I didn't have anything to lose so I just did it. I regret it now, though…"

Ianto tried to swallow the lump in his throat, he knew what that felt like and found himself at a loss for words at the remembered pain. He looked over at Jack who gazed back in understanding, silently communicating and saying more than words ever could as Ianto felt the despairing thoughts recede.

Jack reluctantly broke the gaze and turned his attention to Rhys, a plan forming in his mind. "Alright, Rhys, that really helps," he said gratefully. "Do you know when the next fight is?"

"No," Rhys shook his head. "We get a text on our mobile, just an address right before it happens."

Jack stood. "I'm going to send Owen over here to look after you. He'll have a cover story of being an out of town mate of yours – Ianto can work it out – when you get that location, you and Owen are going to go – if you're well enough – and get us in. Then we're going to break up this fight club," he said disdainfully.

"Just be careful," Rhys warned. "Lynch is not one to be crossed. Dan died because they had a rivalry going on and Mark forced him into the cage."

Jack's fist clenched in anger. "Well he's going to regret when he meets me," he growled. He pushed the buttons on his wrist strap to turn off the sound damper. "Thank you, Rhys."

"You're welcome. Look if you hear anything from Gwen, could you let me know?" Rhys pleaded. "I just want to know if she's alright."

"We'll do that," Ianto promised as he and Jack left the room. "I feel sorry for him," he said when they were out of earshot.

"And I keep thinking its Torchwood and my fault that Gwen is missing and he's hurt," Jack replied guiltily.

Ianto stopped in his tracks. "Jack, Gwen pushed her way into Torchwood despite how many times we tried to keep her out of it. And she's the one who ran off by choice," he pointed out. "Rhys's heartbreak is because of her, not because of anything you or Torchwood did."

Jack couldn't help but embrace Ianto for just a moment. "I'd spend far too much time brooding if not for you," he said appreciatively.

"Yes, I know," Ianto said with a smile. "Should we get lunch before going back?"

"Lead the way," Jack said with a smile of his own.

Back at the Hub, Tosh had come up with a brilliant idea and waved Owen over excitedly. Owen wrapped his arms around her slim waist and kissed her cheek. "What is it, babe? And shouldn't we be making use of this time alone?"

"Later," Tosh promised, turning to kiss him softly before pointing to the computer screen. "The van went with the Weevil straight to the warehouse. They must've known it was empty. Either they own it or had previous contact with the estate agents," she explained.

"Tosh, you are a genius," Owen said affectionately. "Do you know who owns the warehouse?"

Tosh pulled up the information. "Mark Lynch. We need to get under their guard and find out what's going on."

"Undercover," Owen agreed. "Jack and Ianto were at the carpark and you were at the warehouse so that leaves me. I guess I'm going into property," he mused. "Let's draw up a cover story and when they get back I'll go visit Lynch."

When Jack and Ianto returned with lunch, they gathered in the conference room and discussed what they had learned from Rhys. Tosh and Owen shared their idea and cover story. Jack thought it was a brilliant way to keep an eye on Lynch and learn a bit more about him so he sent Owen to meet him.

"Mr. Harper?" Lynch asked as Owen walked into Lynch's office with a suitcase in hand, looking the part in a three piece suit that Ianto had picked out for him. Tosh had already set the meeting up for him and Lynch was expectantly waiting.

"That's me," Owen replied, stepping up to the counter and setting his briefcase down.

"Mark Lynch," Lynch introduced himself and shook his hand. "You're looking to relocate your business to Cardiff?"

"Yes, relocate and expand hopefully."

"And you export jellied eels. Really?" Lynch raised an eyebrow.

"Huge growth market. China, South America, I'm having a nightmare trying to keep up with demand," Owen explained. "I'll get you a batch if you find me the right gaff."

"I think I'll pass on that," Lynch replied politely. "Any family to relocate?"

"Just me," Owen answered. "Though I have an old mate here that is planning on helping me with transporting and haulage."

"Always good to have friends. Though I never mix business and pleasure," Lynch said arrogantly.

"Neither do I, I'm hoping to take advantage of the guy and get a cheap rate or discount," Owen lied and Lynch laughed.

"Now that's more like it. And you're looking for premises out by the docks?" He questioned.

"A nice big warehouse, that's what I need," Owen told him.

"I've got a couple that should be perfect," Mark assured. "Hang on while I print off the descriptions."

"Thanks," Owen said politely.

Lynch headed over to the workstation on the other side of the room giving Owen just the opportunity he needed to gain access to Lynch's computer. He casually took out a piece of tech, and watched as Lynch glanced over at him. He grabbed a brochure, pretending to read it and the others on the counter as he subtly held the device against the back of the open laptop. He secured it firmly in place and was pleased when the lights on the device started to flicker. Tosh would have no trouble now accessing everything on it.

He kept his hand on the device watching as Lynch went over to his secretary for a moment then back to the printer to pick up the paper.

"Owen, you're clear," Tosh informed him through the comm.

He detached the device and smoothly slid it into the brochure just as Lynch walked back to him.

Lynch handed him the papers. "These have got the square footage you're looking for, good access, competitively priced," he informed Owen.

Owen quickly flipped through the printed papers, not seeing the warehouse they had been to. "Except ... these all look like shitholes to me," he said disapprovingly. He slammed the papers onto the table and glared at Lynch.

Lynch smiled. "Yeah. They are a bit," he admitted.

"Didn't I see your sign outside a big place in the Q section of the docks?" Owen asked. "That'd be perfect, I liked the area."

"Oh yes, that one. We've accepted an offer on it, so I'm sorry to say it's not available," Mark said apologetically. "Pretty much signed and sealed."

"He's lying. According to their records, it only went on the market last week," Tosh told Owen through the comm.

"Well that's a pity," Owen sighed.

"What about a unit on an industrial estate?" Lynch suggested. "Save a ton on rent, even after transport costs."

"And you just happen to have a list of suitable premises? Nah," Owen said disdainfully.

"There are other possibilities. You free at the end of the day?"

Owen shook his head. "I may meet that mate of mine for a drink."

"We could all meet up for drinks? Discuss business," Lynch suggested. "On your own in a strange city. I remember that feeling," he said sympathetically.

"And look at you now. Couple of gorgeous birds answering your phones for you," Owen said appreciatively with a grin. "If that's not success, I dunno what is!"

"It's all bollocks, really," Lynch shrugged. "But, if you wanted me to put in a good word?"

"No," Owen turned it down quickly. "Thanks anyway. Good to meet you, Mark." He shook Lynch's hand then picked up his briefcase. "Give me a call if that deal falls through or you find another like it."

"Yeah. I'll give you a bell," Lynch promised.

Back at the Hub, Tosh, Jack and Ianto were monitoring Lynch's computer. Lynch was already on the web doing a search for ‘Owen Harper.' He clicked the link to the website Tosh had created.

"First, he'll go for the web link at the top of the page," Tosh said knowingly.

Ianto watched as Lynch did just that. "Then he'll want to know what other people say about the business," Tosh predicted correctly as Lynch went to the reviews. "Now he'll see what Owen has to say about himself."

Lynch clicked on the About Us tab and watched a fake video Tosh had created of Owen and his staff, encouraging people to become an affiliate or franchise holder to the number one supplier of jellied eels to Britain and Northern Europe. A number was listed for the sales director and Tosh picked up her mobile. She smiled as it rang.

"Oh, you're good," Ianto said with a grin.

"Harper's sales. Jenny Long speaking," Tosh answered.

"I'm sorry, wrong number," Lynch apologised before disconnecting the call.

"Job done," Tosh said.

"Wonderfully done, Tosh," Jack praised. "Alright, we have to wait until we get word from Rhys, or Owen meets up with Lynch again, but until then let's take it easy."

"How about coffee?" Ianto offered then got up and headed to his station.

Jack followed after him, watching Ianto going about his art of preparing coffee. "I said take it easy, not serve everyone else," he chided as he walked up behind Ianto and rested his hands on his shoulders.

"It's my job," Ianto pointed out and leaned back into the touch. "Besides you without coffee is never a good thing."

"True," Jack gently rubbed the tense muscles in Ianto's shoulders and was pleased to hear a soft moan escape Ianto's lips. "Feels good?" He asked quietly.

"Mmm…" Ianto nodded and hung his head, encouraging Jack to continue.

"Maybe when we wrap this case up we can have that dinner we missed," Jack offered, massaging Ianto's upper back.

"And talk?" Ianto said with a sigh.

Jack gently turned Ianto so he was facing him and kissed him. "Or we don't have to say anything at all," he whispered.

Ianto cupped Jack's face and kissed him deeply. "As long as we're alright then we don't have to," he said uncertainly.

"Ianto, I get why you kept your family a secret, and that you want to keep them safe from Torchwood," Jack said in complete understanding. "I just wish you had told me right away about John."

"I wanted to, I just thought you'd be disappointed knowing I had hid and erased records," Ianto confessed.

"I'm not," Jack assured. "I get it, I really do I. I don't want you to worry that this is going to change things between us because it won't. I enjoy being with you, Ianto. I like your company. And I want you to be able to trust me enough to tell me things like that so I can be there for you."

Ianto smiled. "I trust you, Jack. And that means a lot to me." He looked at Jack from under his eyelashes. "For the record, I like your company, too, sir."

"Oh?" Jack broke into a grin. "Does that mean I can convince you to let me stay the night later?"

"I'm sure I can be persuaded," Ianto agreed, turning to finish the coffee.

"Leave it," Jack pulled Ianto flush to him, capturing Ianto's lips against his in a deep and lingering kiss. He wished he could share his healing energy to help rid Ianto of his pain, as he held him close.

Ianto's arms wound around Jack's neck as they continued kissing, both not wanting to break for air. In a very busy and troublesome day they had a moment to themselves and weren't going to waste it.

After meeting with Mark, Owen headed to the hospital. He checked Rhys over and took over his care, Jack had agreed that he could use his medical kit to properly and quickly help Rhys recover so he could get them get into the club if Lynch didn't call Owen. Using alien tech, Owen repaired the wounds like he had so many times before, leaving Rhys with only a few small scars. Rhys was appreciative and agreed readily to help in whatever way he could.

Just as Owen was cleaning up, they heard a knock on the door. Owen stuffed his kit under the bed and sat in the chair beside Rhys. To Owen's shock, Lynch stepped inside the room.

"So, I'm thinking that six lorries should be sufficient enough to transport the goods from London to my new warehouse," Owen told Rhys, hoping he'd understand. "I just need said warehouse."

Rhys chuckled. "Well as soon as you get it, I'm sure Harwoods can take care of everything. I pride myself on making sure the lorries transport efficiently and without incident." He looked over to Mark. "Hey, there."

"Fancy seeing you here, Mr. Harper," Lynch said suspiciously.

"Rhys is my mate that I was telling you about," Owen reminded. "He called to cancel drinks because he had been injured and I had to pay a visit."

"Oh, right," Lynch replied, seeming to buy the story.

"So, how do you two know each other?" Owen asked.

Lynch looked to Rhys and he shifted uncomfortably. "Mark here saved my life," he lied. "When I was being mugged, he jumped in and chased them off."

"Wow," Owen pretended to be impressed. "That was awfully brave to take on three men with knives."

"I've faced worse," Lynch said with a shrug. "He needed help, and I know how to defend myself. Besides, you always have the upper hand if you don't show fear."

"Well that's true, or if you're angry enough. And I would've been seeing them trying to kill my mate. I wish I could get them alone in a room," Owen hissed, deciding that in order to get into a fight club of angry men upset with the depravity of the world; he'd have to act like his old self. He jumped up and paced the room, fists clenching. "I'd like to see how tough they'd be then. They'd be shitting themselves."

Lynch grinned. "So, what's your outlet?"

"For what?" Owen looked confused.

"Your anger," Lynch said simply.

"I'm not angry," Owen argued.

"You look it," Rhys pointed out, sitting up gingerly. "You look like I feel, like you lost your whole world before moving here."

"Maybe I did," Owen snapped. "Maybe I ran and am looking for an escape here, so what?"

"You're not the only pissed off bloke out there. It's what the world does to us," Lynch assured him.

"Yeah, the world is one big shit hole sometimes," Owen muttered, he could see Lynch playing right into his hands. "What's the point of it all?"

Lynch stepped forward and stuck his hands in his pockets. "Exactly. You work yourself stupid. Get a house, a car, plasma screen. You end up with a workforce, people there specifically to look after
your every whim. You're officially successful. And what does it bring?" He looked over at Owen, wanting an answer.

"Nothing," Owen answered.

"It still leaves you alone," Rhys said quietly.

"Success has no worth other than itself," Lynch told them, sounding like a self made guru. "Ask yourself, what's the point of your life? There's so much more. If you know where to look," he said as if he was holding onto the secret of life.

"Is that right?" Owen said curiously.

"Something's coming. Out there in the darkness, something is coming," Lynch said ominously then shook his head. "I can't tell you more, but I will send you a message tonight. Meet me at that location and you might get your answers and maybe an outlet for that anger."

"Seriously?" Owen raised an eyebrow. "No offense, Mark, but you're sounding a bit nutty."

Lynch laughed darkly. "Trust me and show up. Ask Rhys, he can vouch that it'll be worth your time."

Owen looked to Rhys who nodded. "He's telling the truth, what you'll see there is unbelievable and really put things in perspective," he said in awe.

"I'll consider it," Owen conceded. "I guess I should go and let you two visit." He shook Rhys hand. "I'll call you, mate."

"Thanks, Owen," Rhys said sincerely.

Owen grabbed his jacket and shook Mark's hand before leaving the room. He didn't intend to go far with his kit still there, but he wanted to know if Mark was onto to them. He tapped his comm. "Tosh, you got that bug working?"

"Yep, we got that whole conversation," Tosh answered. "I'll let you know if you need to go back in there."

"Thanks, babe," Owen walked around the corner, out of sight and leaned against the wall.

"You royally fucked up my plans, Rhys!" Lynch spat as soon as the door shut.

"What are you talking about?" Rhys said in confusion.

"Bloke in the big coat? Other bloke in a suit? They visited you. Ringing any bells?" Lynch hissed. "I didn't want all this to get out."

"They don't know anything," Rhys assured. "I refused to talk and they left."

Lych stormed forward and loomed over Rhys. "You'd better hope they don't catch on, or you'll end up like Dan," he threatened and Rhys sank back into the bed.

"Look I'm injured and I'm done so why don't you just go?" Rhys demanded, pushing Lynch back.

"You're not done!" Lynch grabbed Rhys injured shoulder and he let out a scream. "You will be there tonight and so will Harper."

Owen came back in, "I seem to have forgotten –" He broke off and stared at Lynch. "Is everything alright?"

Lynch made as if he was straightening Rhys's pillow. "Just helping Rhys get comfortable. What did you forget?"

"My briefcase, I got all the way out of the hospital and realised I had left it," Owen huffed.

Rhys gave Owen a pleading look, silently asking him to stay. Lynch nodded. "I've got to be going myself. I'll see you both later?" He glared at Rhys.

"We'll be there," Rhys managed to say, teeth gritted in pain.

"Good," Lynch gave them a tight smile. "See you later." He turned and left the room.

Owen reached down into his kit and got out some painkillers. He gave them to Rhys then poured him a glass of water. "You alright?"

"Would've been worse without that tech," Rhys said gratefully. "Thanks for coming in."

"Not a problem. We're going to put an end to that guy and shut this down," Owen promised.

"I sure hope so," Rhys replied with a heavy sigh.

Later that night, Owen sent Tosh the location where the next fight would take place. "Jack, Ianto!" She called into Jack's office. "We've got a location."

Jack ran out of his office, subtly smoothing his shirt as Ianto followed at a slower pace and stopped to adjust his tie. "Right then let's get going," Jack ordered. "Ianto, we're going to need the retcon."

"Yes, sir," Ianto answered.

Tosh hid her smile at the two, she was happy to see them both smiling. "The address is one of Lynch's empty warehouses," she informed Jack. "Owen and Rhys are heading their now."

Jack nodded. "We'll get the Weevil, detain Lynch then drop an anonymous tip that there's an illegal fight ring going on, that way the cops can clean up and we don't have to deal with all of those people after we Retcon them," he decided, leading the way out to the parking garage with Ianto and Tosh following.

Owen got out of his car and joined Rhys, he knew the other man should still have been in the hospital recovering, even with using the alien tech Rhys had still been severely injured. But Rhys checked himself out, wanting to help them shut Lynch down. He only hoped that the rest of the team arrived as backup soon, he had not expected this big of a crowd, but he knew Lynch was the ringleader; the others would flee as soon as they were busted. Detaining Lynch and possibly retconning him back to puberty for the murder of a man and torture of aliens, was Owen's main concern.

Rhys looked around, watching everyone going into the brick warehouse. Lynch appeared and came up to them. "Good to see you both," he greeted.

"All this lot with you? What's going on?" Owen asked curiously.

"You'll find out," Lynch promised.

"I've never been that keen on surprises," Owen pointedly remarked.

"Let me give you the tour," Lynch offered. "I think you'll be quite impressed. Won't he, Rhys?"

"Oh, aye," Rhys agreed.

Lynch led them into the warehouse and walked down the corridor. He stopped by a room where various people were fighting one another.

"What the hell's going on here?" Owen demanded, though he already knew that this is why Hodges had the other bruises. He had fought with these men before being thrown into the cage.

"Warm-up," Lynch replied simply.

"Warm-up? Who are these blokes?" Owen questioned.

"Same as us," Lynch said as he continued through the hallway. "Ordinary blokes trying to find meaning in a world that doesn't have any," he explained.

"You don't really believe that, do you?" Owen scoffed.

"We're the dispossessed now, Owen. All the certainties our fathers had are gone." Lynch stopped in front of a room where a man sat on the floor bleeding from a wound. Owen fought the urge to help and looked at Lynch who was continuing to ramble on, "We're a generation of no faith. In society, in religion or in life. All we can do is reduce ourselves to the basics," he said zealously. "This is only the warm-up. Come on," he urged, going down the hallway.

"We're nearly there," Jack informed Owen through the comm. hidden in his ear. He stood there for a moment, trying to buy time.

Lynch turned towards him and stared at him for a moment. "Coming or staying?"

Owen and Rhys followed Lynch to the main floor. They walked in front of the crowd and then stopped at the centre of the floor where there was a cage with a Weevil and a man inside.

"Five, four, three, two, one!" The crowd counted down and cheered wildly.

The man ran around the cage to avoid the Weevil. He hit the alien on the back, and the Weevil turned around viciously swiping at him. Everyone watched and shouted as the man ran towards the cage's door.

"Get me out!" The man screamed.

Two men at the cage door opened it and the man slipped quickly out of the cage. He punched the air and the crowd yelled loudly.

"Nice one, mate!" Lynch shouted. He turned to Owen. "Costs a grand to enter the cage. Whoever
stays in the longest takes home all the money," he explained.

"So these guys are paying to put their lives at risk?" Owen said in disbelief and anger. He put his neck on the line every day to protect people and here they were throwing themselves right at the danger.

"The ultimate extreme sport," Lynch said with a manic grin. "Too much disposable income, not enough meaning. That's us," he said proudly. "Want a go?"

"No. This has to stop," Owen ordered, pulling his gun. "More people are gonna die."

Lynch glared at him. "I knew there wasn't something right about you," he spat. "You're one of them."

"Damn right and this ends now," Owen commanded. "Dan Hodges has already died. We're going to close this down and you'd be smart to just come with me."

"Dan was one of us. It wasn't my fault. He wouldn't come out," Lynch lied. "Just stood in the middle of the cage and let it maul him. I think he got in there and he realised he didn't want to live enough. He surrendered. None of us could get to him in time," he said, trying to act like sympathetic and failing.

"Bollocks!" Rhys spat. "You threw him in there and he panicked. I tried getting him out when no one would help and nearly got killed myself."

Lynch nodded to two men who grabbed Rhys. Owen aimed the gun at them. "I'll shoot," he threatened.

"Put him in the cage," Lynch ordered. He glared at Owen. "You can't stop all of us, you're outnumbered. So, stop being a little kid hiding behind a gun. Put it down and maybe I won't throw Rhys in there."

Owen set the gun down. "Put me in there," he decided. "Let Rhys go."

"No," Rhys argued. "I won't let you do that for me."

"Rhys, I deal with Weevils every day, I can handle this," Owen assured.

"Good boy," Lynch grinned. "Let's see you handle it then."

Owen strode towards the cage door, as he heard Jack say through the comm. "We're coming in."

A man pushed Owen inside when he tried to fight and locked the door. Owen knew he had to stay calm and not panic or show fear. The Weevil was already angered, upset and hated that it was caged. One wrong move and he'd be seriously hurt.

The crowds cheering stopped as Jack, Tosh and Ianto ran in, guns raised. Jack fired shots into the air and the Weevil growled, lunging towards Owen as he ran around the cage.

Seeing Torchwood, Lynch started to run but Jack stopped him. "Ianto! If he moves, shoot him," he ordered.

"Yes, sir." Ianto kept the gun trained on Lynch as Jack and Tosh rushed to the cage door. The two men standing there ran and Jack struggled to get the lock undone quickly.

Owen came over to the door but the Weevil was right behind him and started slashing at him as Jack pulled open the door and grabbed Owen.

"Owen!" Tosh screamed.

Jack pulled Owen out as Tosh fired at the Weevil, making it release its hold on Owen as it ran back into the cage snarling and clutching its wounded arm. She slammed the door shut as Jack supported Owen and checked his injuries.

"You alright?" Jack asked in concern. "The cops and paramedics are on the way."

"Hurts, but I'll be fine," Owen answered. He was in agony, slash marks covered his back and he knew that a few were quite deep. He needed medical attention but it wasn't life threatening, Jack had gotten him out just in time, and he was grateful for that.

Jack let Tosh support Owen as he turned to the crowd. "It's over now," he shouted. "These creatures are to be left alone. Go back to your lives."

The crowd began to flee as it heard sirens. Jack strode over to Lynch. "I'll be sure you get a nice jail cell where you can rot," he said, venom lacing his voice.

"It's over," Lynch said clearly distraught. He turned and ran for the cage ignoring Jack and Ianto's shouts to stop. But he didn't see Rhys who swung hard and knocked him out cold.

"Way to go, Rhys," Owen praised through gritted teeth.

"No way was he going to get the easy way out," Rhys replied, rubbing his hand.

"Tosh, Owen, go see the paramedics outside," Jack went over to Lynch and handcuffed him. "I need to sedate that Weevil so we can leave." He looked at Rhys. "You did good. Watch him."

Rhys nodded. "You got it."

Tosh led Owen out while Jack got the spray and clamps from Ianto. "Jack, it's wounded," Ianto said worriedly. "I don't want to kill it, but maybe we should wait until it's calmer."

Jack shook his head. "We need to wrap this up. We've got to clean up, make sure Lynch faces justice and deal with Rhys," he said quietly. "It has to be done now. Don't worry alright? I'll be fine."

Ianto found it hard to speak; he didn't want to see Jack die or have to watch him come back from the agonizing pain of it. But he feared that would happen. "Be careful," he pleaded.

"I will," Jack touched Ianto's cheek for just a moment and gave him a reassuring smile. He then ran into the cage.

To Ianto's relief, the injured Weevil was too hurt to fight much and gave in to Jack, who quickly sedated it, clamped its arms and put a hood over it. He lifted it over one shoulder in a fireman's carry and Ianto had Rhys help him lead Lynch from the building as Jack took the Weevil to the SUV.

Jack and Ianto took Lynch to the police after giving him a strong dose of retcon. They pinned him to Hodges murder and the running of the fight club using the reports they had already created earlier that day. Leaving Lynch there, Jack drove back to the Hub. He and Ianto had discussed earlier retconning Rhys to erase his memories of Torchwood, but Jack also wanted to change the Welshman's memory so he believed that he had left Gwen on his own choice because he was no longer wanted to be with her, not because she had cheated and hurt him. Jack insisted it was better that way, he doubted they would ever find Gwen and he didn't want Rhys pining away or worse doing something drastic as he had already done. Ianto had to agree and when Jack took the Weevil to the cells he led Rhys to the Tourist Office.

"How about coffee before you head home?" Ianto offered, moving to the back to start up the small coffee maker he kept there for emergencies.

"That'd be great," Rhys replied, staying at the counter and looking at the pamphlets. "So, what is this then?"

Ianto quickly made a cup of coffee and pulled out a small white pill that Jack had given him. "The fake entrance to the Hub. Everyone believes it's a Tourist Office that I occasionally run – and I do – but it's also a cover for what goes on downstairs," Ianto explained, knowing Rhys soon wouldn't remember it anyway.

"Brilliant," Rhys said in awe. "I probably am not allowed to check out the Hub?"

Ianto took the coffee and slipped the pill in. He then stepped out to Rhys and handed him the cup. "Sorry, no, you've seen enough already."

"I suppose I have," Rhys agreed, drinking the coffee. "I still can't believe some of it."

Ianto chuckled. "It takes some getting used to."

"I can imagine." Rhys drank down the rest of the coffee then gave him the mug. "Thank Owen for me. He saved my life," he said gratefully. "I'd like to do it in person, but I'm not sure if I'll see him again."

"I'll be sure to do that," Ianto promised. "And we'll notify you if we hear anything from Gwen," he lied, knowing that soon Rhys wouldn't care where she was.

Rhys's eyes filled with sadness. "Aye, thanks, mate," he shook Ianto's hand and then stifled a yawn. "I think all of the excitement is wearing off, I'm knackered."

"You should go home and sleep," Ianto suggested.

"Good idea, thanks again, Ianto," Rhys smiled and then headed out the Tourist door entrance. Ianto went to join Jack but nearly bumped into the Captain as he came through the secret entrance.

"The Hub's shutdown for the night. I was thinking of going to check on Owen then heading back to your place if that's alright?" Jack asked hopefully.

"Sounds like a plan," Ianto gave him a smile. "I'll come with you to see Owen, maybe we can pick up dinner before going back to mine," he suggested.

"You have the best ideas," Jack rested his hand on the small of Ianto's back as they left the Tourist Office and headed to the SUV.

Tosh was fast asleep in the chair next to Owen's bed; she was half lying on the bed, her head nestled on Owen's arm as he stroked her hair. Not wanting to intrude on the moment, Ianto knocked on the open door alerting them when Jack strode through the door.

Jack dropped a bag of grapes in Owen's lap. "They were out of flowers," he joked.

Owen laughed. "Pity, but you shouldn't have. I hate grapes."

"Your loss," Jack took the bag and popped a grape into his mouth.

Ianto stared at Jack for a moment, how anyone could make eating grapes look so erotic he had no idea. He then refocused, saving the thought for later. "How are you, Owen?"

"Well these idiots here have no idea what they're doing," Owen huffed. "Tosh helped me use the medical tech so I'm all fixed up and discharging myself when she wakes up."

"Take the next few days off baring emergency," Jack told him. "I think we could all use the break."

"Agreed… and Jack? Thanks," Owen said gratefully.

"I wasn't about to lose my favourite medic," Jack replied. "Take it easy, Owen."

"I'm your only medic," Owen huffed in annoyance as Jack grinned unrepentantly.

"Tell Tosh we said goodnight," Ianto added.

"Will do," Owen said. "Night."

Together Jack and Ianto left the room; Owen pulled Tosh a little closer then decided to get some rest and drifted to sleep.

Coming Up Next: Captain Jack Harkness

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Oh, sad that they retconned Rhys. I hope we see him again. :) Looking forward to the next ep. :)

With them doubting they'd ever find Gwen, Jack thought it best so Rhys could move on. Now that everyone knows the authors, I just wanted to say thanks!

Love the addition of Rhys in this storyline - I feel so bad for him! Great job!

Thank you for all your help with this. :)

Well, I'm kinda sad Rhys got retconnned, but this was a very lovely job. I love how Owen and Tosh are together, and I love the little bits with Jack and Ianto. I adore how much they are looking out for one another. Really great addition to the series!

With them doubting they'd ever find Gwen, Jack thought it best so Rhys could move on. I'm glad you liked how Tosh and Owen are together and that you loved the Jack and Ianto bits, those were my favorite to write. Now that everyone knows the authors, I just wanted to say thanks! :)

Oh Rhys! I love the interactions betwee Jack and Ianto and Tosh and Owen.

Thank you for all your help with this, I couldn't have finished it without you! :)

I was waiting eagerly for this part. It was really interesting the way you handled the characters. The team in this series is so much more competent than what we saw in canon!

Now that everyone knows the authors, I just wanted to say thanks! :) I'm glad you like the way I handled the characters, this was a lot of fun to write.

Very nice take on this episode. I like your use of Rhys here.

Now that everyone knows the authors, I just wanted to say thanks! :) I'm glad you liked how I brought Rhys in, I wanted to do something that would be unexpected and add a twist.

love the mention of suzie and that rhys had a biigger part to play in this combat than first time.

Now that everyone knows the authors, I just wanted to say thanks! :)

That was charming. I really like this and is anxiously awaiting the next chapter.

Now that everyone knows the authors, I just wanted to say thanks! :)

So love the take on Combat, nice touch with Rhys sad he got retconed, so love Owen and Tosh and most of all Jack and Ianto!
Looking forward to next but hate to think about Ianto and the angst coming ahead for him! Really enjoying this series!
Thanks for sharing!

Now that everyone knows the authors, I just wanted to say thanks! I'm glad you liked my take on Combat. :)

(Deleted comment)
Now that everyone knows the authors, I just wanted to say thanks! I was happy to hear you liked my version more than what we saw onscreen. The Jack/Ianto bits were my favourite to write. :)

I like this retelling of Combat, although I was really hoping that rather than Retcon Rhys, they'd make him a member of Torchwood -0- he certainly has the guts to do the job, and having a haulage firm connection couldn't hurt!!!

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